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#MediaFrenzy IranianNukes Affirmative Action North Korea Exposing Gay Nazi’s @PeterLabarbera @dangainor @newsbusters @Heritage @theMRC @gundisalvus @securefreedom

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Today’s Audio Program #BeyondthePale According to the MSM Iran will now attack America with nuclear weapons that they supposedly did not have just yesterday. Mueller appears untaouchable. Media fails to report Iranian Christian persecution and its link to hostages just released. Gina Haspel grilled by Kamala Harris about morals. Dan Gainor joins us. #ChristianPersecution Two […]

#Rescissions @RealDonaldTrump fulfills promise to reign in budget!

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Remember the omnibus? Remember when I suggested that President trump had a strategy? President Trump has rescinded $15.4 billion in spending. This is the kind of move a CEO uses to begin to right the books of a company with budget and spending problems. Is it a small step? Yes but it is a step […]

#Exposing @SPLCenter for spreading hate and division

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Read Here Lenin Spring 2018 The Social Contract BY JAMES SIMPSON 8 Since the election of Donald Trump as 45th president of the United States, the leftist underground has surfaced in an unprecedented, fullthroated effort to neutralize his historic victory. This underground includes violent communist, socialist, and anarchist street thugs from groups like Refuse Fascism […]

#MoralDeclineofAmerica @George_Barna @ACFI @realDonaldTrump

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Original Article Here AMERICANS REDEFINE FAMILY MORALITY April 24, 2018 By George Barna and Americans for Faith and Culture It turns out Barack Obama was not the only one who wanted to fundamentally transform American society. A new survey by the American Culture & Faith Institute (ACFI) shows that a large majority of the nation’s […]

#StormyExposed Why the whole story will blow up @realDonaldTrump @FOXNews

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So we have a former Bush appointee, a former Democratic operative, a porn star, a CNN #FakeNews anchor on 60 Minutes Anderson Cooper and CBS another #FakeNews outfit making all these accusations. The Bush’s leaders of the globalist movement and former financiers of Hitlers Germany who have taken aim at President Trump while remaining silent […]