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If you have been listening to you have heard me share about a new treatment that is helping me dramatically well here is the information.

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If this interests you, would you please respond to with your zip code and phone number. You can then follow this link rather than the link in the video: Here is the info on the treatment that I am using with some really amazing results. The BEMER is the FDA Registered Class 1 […]

It is time to take back our nation and defending Judeo Christian values

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Get Brigitte’s book today! Brigitte Gabriel is one of the leading terrorism experts in the world providing information and analysis on the rise of global Islamic terrorism. She lectures nationally and internationally about terrorism and current affairs. Her expertise is sought after by world and business leaders.

Looking for clean food and better nutrition

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Today I had the opportunity to have Chance Gibson the founder of Simply Clean Foods on the show. It was great to know he is a veteran trained in survival techniques, that his life was saved by a man who did not even know him but warned him about a possible future catastrophe that could […]