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#WhatsNext #WhatIfTrumpKnew @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn Clinton Foundation

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Some random thoughts and predictions. First I shared on this show months ago that Tillerson and McMasters were on their way out. I also predicted John Bolton would be a part of Trumps inner circle. Second I always have felt that @GenFlynn was being set up by political enemies of the President and that they […]

#GodBlessAmerica #FightingforFreedom

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Dear Friends Thank you so much for tuning in to our program. My goal is to activate and keep active faith based people who have a biblical worldview and recognize that our nation was founded on Christian principles and our Constitution was made for a moral people. I do not like to have to send […]

#CrimeinOaklandCA Mayor protects criminals and puts citizens as prey

by admin Mayor of Oakland has created a violent environment placing their citizens at risk. This is the policy of the Liberal Democratic party and we must stand against this evil. Our message of the Cross is also a message that creates cities which have high moral values and safety for our children. Join the CG […]

Sex predator released Serial Pedophile set free on technicality

by admin A sex predator has been released and all his charges dropped because of a technical error. His defense attorney asked for a specialized juror questionnaire and the prosecutor allowed for the change which took extra time to accommodate the defendant a man who sexually assaulted six children that testified. Now he walks free. This […]

#Protect2ndAmendment #Gunsarenottheproblem #StopHR5087

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#StopHR5087 Dear Friends, The events in Florida were horrific and as more information becomes available the more terrible this tragedy is because it could have been stopped. From the officers outside the school who were apparently given stand down orders, to the FBI call that was ignored, to the multiple trips to this young mans […]


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America’s clash of worldviews is clearly portrayed in a new survey by the American Culture & Faith Institute (ACFI). It is no surprise that most adults believe the United States is not moving in the right direction. Since the 1980s, surveys evaluating such perceptions have typically found that most Americans believed the nation was “moving […]