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Christians wake up! Your salvation depends on it! – Pastor Greg Young By Mario Murillo Article Source Millions of born again and Spirit-filled Christians voted for the Democratic Party. What I am about to say will close the doors for me to preach in Atlanta. That is sad because it is a great city with […]

End Human Trafficking in Texas (PSA)

“Let’s put all the eyes of Texas on the fight against human trafficking.” Thank you Matthew McConaughey, the University of Texas, and multimedia students and professionals for joining the fight to end human trafficking in Texas. Watch the new PSA here: To learn more, visit our website at:

Restoring Tomorrow – In Theaters Nov 13

Is it possible for a congregation to change its neighborhood by refurbishing their building? Restoring Tomorrow tells the story of how a Jewish community impacted their neighborhood by restoring the temple. It’s a powerful story and it’s in theatres tonight only. Text me a picture of you at a theatre watching it and the film […]

A Legal Path Forward for the Florida GOP

My friend Trevor Louden joins me this week to discuss voter fraud in Florida and collusion amongst the establishment and Democrats. – Pastor Greg Young By Thomas Wigand Article Source UPDATE: November 11, 2018 7:05 EST.  Within a couple of hours after this was first posted word arrived that FDLE (discussed below) has thus far […]

Joe Biden: Illegal immigrants are ‘already American citizens’ to me

This is why Democrats in Florida are fighting for non citizens to vote. They already have a precedence that the constitution protects the rights of non citizens so this is the next step. – Pastor Greg Young By Cheryl K. Chumley Article Source Vice President Joseph R. Biden — already known as a habitual blurter […]