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Congratulations, Sen. Feinstein: You’ve managed to make our politics even uglier

“This is the most despicable misuse of the Senate Judiciary process and Dr Ford, @SenFeinstein and the @DNC have disrespected the people of the United States. We are witnessing the most egregious miscarriage of justice carried out on the public stage as well. Because of #MeToo #MilitantFeminism and #Demasculization we are to presume that every […]

Same lies about black shootings

Last night Robert Francis O’Rourke aka Beto perpetrated the same lies about black shootings. ***INCONVENIENT TRUTH*** again I repeat those that are perpetrating the lies are only doing so to cause more death and destruction to the world and yes especially to black communities. Even the useful idiots which is what Alinsky called them, are […]

Democrats have abandoned the presumption of innocence

In re Winship, 397 U.S. 358 (1970), was a United States Supreme Court decision that held that “the Due Process clause protects the accused against conviction except upon proof beyond a reasonable doubt of every fact necessary to constitute the crime charged. Coffin v. United States, 156 U.S. 432 (1895), was an appellate case before […]

Grandson of Munich massacre terrorist is running for Congress in California

So California is voting to send a terrorist grandson who says he is the Presidents worst nightmare to DC. What we must remember about the Islamic faith is that Jihad is the sixth pillar and is a lifetime commitment. Ammar’s grandfather, Muhammad Yusuf al-Najjar also known as Abu Youssef, was a member of the Palestinian […]

Trump wants to strip security clearances from Obama intel officials

The Obama administration used every branch and every person as a political weapon against their political opponents. The recent Project Veritas video is evidence of the continued efforts of the Obama hold overs and the Swamp to undermine this President. Unfortunately these low level individuals are easy to disavow and the people above them that […]

3rd Alleged Party Attendee Denies Kavanaugh Accuser’s Story

****BREAKING NEWS***** The story is falling apart!! There is no substantiation of any accusations and there is only one way to view this. “Personally speaking, I have known Brett Kavanaugh since high school and I know him to be a person of great integrity, a great friend, and I have never witnessed any improper conduct […]

Gianna Jessen Asks Congress “If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were mine?”

By Julie Roys Article Source “If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were mine?” Gianna Jessen asked a House Judiciary Committee that question today — and with good reason. Thirty-eight years ago, Jessen miraculously survived a saline abortion. This morning, she told her remarkable story to a House Judiciary Committee investigating Planned Parenthood’s practice […]

Lawman befriends man who shot him

“I don’t think we should throw away the key on this young man.” At a sentencing hearing for the man who shot him, Sgt. Art Blakey told the judge the man deserved a second chance. What followed is a lesson in love and faith.