Pastor Greg Young

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Chosen Generation Radio 9/4/18


Today on Chosen Generation Radio Show we will discuss the behavior of the leftist activists at the Kavanaugh hearing. Matt Long of the Fredericksburg Tea Party joins Greg Young to discuss the crazy actions of both the people and the Democratic representatives on the Senate Judiciary Committee. There is a HealthCare Revolution and Liberty HealthShare […]

Chosen Generation Radio 9/3/18


Today on Chosen Generation Radio Show Richard Manning Limit Government, Not LibertyAmericans for Limited Government joins us with an inside look at the DC chatter. Bill Federer joins us to share the history of Labor Day. How did it begin and why do we continue to celebrate it today in the greatest nation on earth. […]

Chosen Generation Radio 8/31/18


Today on Chosen Generation Radio Show JoAnn Fleming Founder of Grassroots of America joins us with an update the Ted Cruz race, what is this Blue wave really about and what do we need to do to push back against it! Don Jans joins Pastor Greg to continue our exposure of the Marxist agenda against […]

Chosen Generation Radio Show 8/30/18


Today on Chosen Generation Radio Former Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell joins Pastor Greg to discuss Cohen, Davis, Mueller, Sessions and more. Norbert Richter from the Fire your Congressman PAC discuses the hottest Congressional races and the general attitudes towards Congress. Dr. Tom Barrett continues to educate us on the benefits of investment grade gold and […]

Chosen Generation Radio Show 8/29/18


Today on Chosen Generation Radio Katie Yoder subs in for Dan Gainor Media Research Center to discuss the latest #FakeNews Headlines. Michael Stumo Coalition For A Prosperous America joins us to discuss why tariffs are actually creating jobs. Tori Whiting discusses the new Mexico USA agree ment that looks to replace NAFTA and what […]

Kamal Saleem & Pastor Greg Young


Pastor Greg Young ( Christian radio host (KERV 1230 AM-Kerrville) with KAMAL SALEEM (KOOME Ministries) discuss Kamal’s muslim heritage, the Muslim Brotherhood (his recruitment/activities in same), his divisive extremist tactics and his conversion to Christianity – compares and contrasts the two. Pastor Greg: “The two greatest threats to America and her Liberty, I believe, are […]