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Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg (August 3, 2016)


#MediaLIES #HillaryLies Khan is Bomber Boy Part Two. VOTER FRAUD IGNORED, DNC Resignations are a non story for the Media. Dan Gainor Media Research Centerand VP Business and Culture joins Pastor Greg Young to discuss these topics and more. American Culture & Faith Institute George Barna joins Chosen Generation Pastor Greg to discuss why […]

Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg – August 2, 2016


#REPEALINGHYDE what if the Hyde Amendment is repealed? Did you know that even with that amendment in place preventing the use of “public funds” for abortion on demand, your premiums still cover abortifacients ? Want out of the system? Want your doctor back? Dale Bellis Executive Director Liberty Healthshare will tell you how. Listen in!!

Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg (August 2, 2016)


#STOPDESTRUCTIONOFTHEFAMILY Pastor Greg Young discusses how the Democrat party and the leftist ideology has destroyed the family and has specifically targeted the black family. They idolize the Michael Brown’s and Trayvon Martins’s and the Freddie Gray and Alton Stirling’s, yet when someone overcomes the environment created by leftist policies they try to tear them down. […]

Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg (August 1, 2016)


NO THE TRUTH Megan Barth joins Pastor Greg Young to discuss the deceptive nature of the left as they attack the GOP on the issue of Islam. Whether it’s Islam, the BLM, Abortion or the Homosexual Agenda the left has a narrative that is designed to gain sympathy and turn peoples ideologies upside down. Curtis […]

Chosen Generation 07-29-16


#DNC LAND OF FRUITS AND NUTS Don Jans on the Obamaism reveal, John John LeBoutillier Co Host of the Political Insider Joins Pastor Greg Young to discuss the DNC, Hilllary’s speech and the RNC and what to look for in the coming week. Dr Gerard Lameiro will be on the program to discuss the New […]