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WATCH: Legal immigrant GOES OFF on California city council; “45 years ago we did NOT get a Sanctuary!”

Orange County vote count suggests fraud

Check the data records for new entries. You will see where they likely entered a second set of data which would be a different vote count. How despicable. – Pastor Greg Young By WND Article Source The traditionally conservative Southern California enclave of Orange County has turned entirely Democratic in the House elections after finding […]

STUNNING! California Republicans Face More Losses as Late Votes for Democrats Continue to Trickle In #StopTheSteal

A Fresh-Faced Political Outsider Tries to Turn Her Blue California District Red

By Alexandra DeSanctis Article Source In the central San Joaquin Valley, 32-year-old Stanford grad Elizabeth Heng is standing up for conservative values against an entrenched Democratic incumbent. Over the last several months, a host of Republican congressmen have announced that they won’t seek reelection this cycle, leaving their House seats open and vulnerable to Democratic […]

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