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#MediaFrenzy IranianNukes Affirmative Action North Korea Exposing Gay Nazi’s @PeterLabarbera @dangainor @newsbusters @Heritage @theMRC @gundisalvus @securefreedom

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Today’s Audio Program #BeyondthePale According to the MSM Iran will now attack America with nuclear weapons that they supposedly did not have just yesterday. Mueller appears untaouchable. Media fails to report Iranian Christian persecution and its link to hostages just released. Gina Haspel grilled by Kamala Harris about morals. Dan Gainor joins us. #ChristianPersecution Two […]

#GodBlessAmerica #FightingforFreedom

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Dear Friends Thank you so much for tuning in to our program. My goal is to activate and keep active faith based people who have a biblical worldview and recognize that our nation was founded on Christian principles and our Constitution was made for a moral people. I do not like to have to send […]