Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Don Jans our resident expert on Marxism and Socialism continues are discussion on the 45 goals of the Communist Party. How do they align with the Democratic Party today?

Brandon Darby Breitbart Texas Managing Director and Board Member of We Build the Wall Inc. joins us to discus the latest on the coming caravan and the situation down at the border.

Derrick Hollie Project 21 National Center for Pokicy Research joins us to discuss the SOTU and the response of Stacy Abrams. The continued neglect of the Democratic Party of the black community and the plans of Project 21 to address those issues.

Trevor Louden New Zeal Blog discusses the current make up of Congress and those identified as Communists and Socialists. Where does their money come from? Who are there benefactors? We also discuss the Enemies Within the Church and how communism and the new world order are destroying the church.