Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Rick Manning Americans for Limited Government joins Pastor Greg to discuss the continued turmoil in DC. The fight to get the President’s appointees in place in order to carry out the agenda that the people elected him to follow.

Gregory Wrightstone author of An Inconvenient Facts the science Al Gore does not want you to know. Mr. Wrightstone joins us to discuss this science and the fallacies the arguments of the climate change and new green deal peddlers don’t want exposed.

Dan Wos the recent shooting at the synagogue in California has led to calls to once again ban guns. In spite of the evidence that it was individuals with guns that stopped the attack and saved many lives. This argument persists and Dan helps bring clarity to the issue while defending our second amendment.

Julio Rivera The Conservarican and Editor at he Reactionary Times addresses the platforms of the ever leftward leaning Democrat candidates of 2020. How much further can they possibly go? Murderers to vote from prison? Infanticide? Open Borders? Reparation? Medicare for all?