Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio JD Flynn Editor of the Catholic News Agency (CNA) joins us to discuss the attacks against Pro Life Students and those who were praying outside of the Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania State Rep Brian Sims attacked an ederly woman and three young girls outside a PP facility. A liberal Student has been filmed punching and kicking a Pro Life student at UNC and has been arrested.

Kenneth McClenton host of The Exceptional Conservative TV and Radio Show and President of TECN TV joins us to discuss why the media has gone silent about the Colorado School shooting. Could it be because the shooter is a far left Transsexual, Trump hating, Christian Hating young man that is the poster child for the progressive left ideology. Also the medias continued bias.

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD who is challenging Pastors to engage in the culture and political battle for our country. He is also championing a drive to get Congress to repeal the Johnson Amendment of 1954 which is designed to tie up the hands of Pastors from political speak.

Kenneth Timmerman best-selling author, lectured on Iran at the Joint Counter-Intelligence Training Academy from 2010-2016. He was jointly nominated for the Nobel Peace prize with Ambassador John Bolton in 2006 for his work on Iran. He joins us to discuss Iran and the nuclear threat as well as their terrorist network.