Today on @ChosenGenerationRadio Dan Gsiner @newsbusters @MediaResearchCenter Holder was in Contempt, Pennsylvania State Rep Brian Simms attacks people praying, AG William Barr under attack, Nuclear Iran, James Comey a hero again, Muslim Society children say they will behead for Allah, No coverage on migrant children being recycled.

Phillip Haney an American hero for exposing terrorist threats that the Obama administration were placing in positions of sensitivity to our national security shares a connection between Sri Lanka and the San Bernadino Terrorist attack.

David Shestokas our constitutional attorney discusses the current debate on AG William Barr and the Democrats effort to file contempt charges and the move by President Trump to use Executive Privilege.

Oscar Robert Lopez Professor at Southwestern Baptist Seminary joins us to discuss the Equality Bill and the efforts by radical LGBT activists to pass SOGI (Sexual Orientation Gender Identification) bills across the United States at the state level including Texas and what they will do to biblical Christianity. Oscar was raised by two lesbians and was once trapped in the homosexual lifestyle.