Honestly how many have ever seen a President of the United States provide this kind of access to the press? In all my 56 years and of course I can’t remember the first five anyway. OH NO!! No that’s another story. But honestly I don’t remember a President who stood and opened up to the room and took questions like this. Obama certainly did not. George W did some. Clinton did some but then started having them scripted. George HW Bush tried that and failed. Ronald Reagan did but never for an hour and a half? WOW!

– Pastor Greg Young

By Fox News
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Trump will host a solo press conference in New York City the day after his United Nations speech highlighting his ‘America First’ policies. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted that the President will discuss ‘the news of the day’, likely fielding questions on the bombshell allegations mounting against Judge Kavanaugh as well as his upcoming meeting with Rod Rosenstein.