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Trump admin denies millions of dollars to pro-abortion UN population control agency

By Martin M. Barillas Article Source Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that for the third successive year, the United States will not contribute the expected $32.5 million to the United Nations Population Fund. UNFPA acknowledged the funding cut on Monday, saying in a statement: “UNFPA has not yet seen the evidence to justify the […]

Levi Strauss Sticking with Gun Control Push Whether Customers Agree or Not

National conference teaches librarians how to sneak drag queens past parents

By Doug Mainwaring Article Source The American Library Association’s recent national conference provided librarians from across the country with strategies for advancing gender identity ideology in schools and finding ways to bring “Drag Queen Story Times” into public libraries despite the objections of local communities. The conference was held just as disturbing stories came to […]

Black Conservatives Debate Black Liberals on American Politics (Extended Version)

Trump Rips AOC for Calling America ‘Garbage’: ‘I Think That’s Worse’ than ‘Deplorables’

By Hannah Bleau Article Source President Trump ripped the far-left members of the Squad during Wednesday night’s rally in Greenville, North Carolina and took shots at ringleader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), particularly for calling contemporary America “garbage,” noting that the comment might be worse than Hillary Clinton’s infamous “deplorables” gaffe. Trump went after Ocasio-Cortez – […]

Court rules pro-lifer was wrongly ticketed for handing out pamphlets near abortion center

By Lisa Bourne Article Source After two years in court, an Alabama pro-life advocate has prevailed against charges she violated a city law when handing out pro-life pamphlets near the state’s busiest abortion facility. The Alabama Court of Appeals reversed Ellen Hermann’s conviction and $250 fine from the City of Tuscaloosa in a unanimous decision […]

How America’s largest union is destroying our country, beginning with schools

By Linda Harvey Article Source The largest union in the country, the National Education Association, hates America, hates God and hates children. And they are making it official. Remember, these are the folks running the nation’s public schools. If we wonder why the left seems nuts, here’s one big reason. The mighty, misguided teachers’ union […]

Ted Cruz Grills Google VP on Breitbart ‘Good Censor’ Scoop

By Allum Bokhari Article Source Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) held Google’s feet to the fire on its murky legal status earlier today, using information from Breitbart News’ exclusive publication of “The Good Censor,” a leaked internal briefing from Google, to support his line of questioning. Sen. Cruz sent a copy of The Good Censor, which […]

BREAKING: Planned Parenthood terminates new president for more ‘aggressive’ leadership

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