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Biden Suggests Starting ‘Physical Revolution’ To Deal With Republicans

AOC’s Border Chat: What’s Missing?

‘My Little Pony’ introduces ‘LGBTQ couple’ in children’s cartoon

By Dorothy Cummings McLean Article Source The “My Little Pony” franchise is selling more than plastic toys to little girls. A cartoon series based on the Hasbro company’s popular figurines aired an episode in which a same-sex female pony couple take charge of a school-aged pony named Scootaloo. Previously released in Europe, “The Last Crusade” […]

State Department Finds 30 Security Incidents Related to Hillary Clinton Email Probe

By HANNAH BLEAU Article Source The State Department has identified “multiple security incidents” involving at least 15 individuals in the handling of Hillary Clinton’s emails as part of an ongoing probe into her use of a private email server, it was revealed Monday. The State Department outlined 23 “violations” and seven “infractions” involving at least […]

Black pro-life leader slams pro-abortion Sen. Gillibrand for calling pro-lifers ‘racist’

By Martin M. Barillas Article Source A black pro-life leader called U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s position “silly” after the Democrat recently labeled pro-life advocates as racists whose beliefs are “not acceptable.” Last week, the pro-abortion Sen. Gillibrand of New York told The Des Moines Register that persons with pro-life views are not suitable for nomination […]

Male Runner Who Won Women’s NCAA Championship Says Female Runners Actually Have The Advantage

Case in point. – Pastor Greg Young By Peter Hasson Article Source The male track athlete who won an NCAA women’s national championship denies having an unfair advantage over female runners. “If anything, me competing against cisgender females is a disadvantage because my body is going through so many medical implications, like it’s going through […]

Ever Wonder Why (Melania Trump)…

Liberals are not about women’s rights. If they were they wouldn’t be so supportive of Muslims who subjugate women and mutilate their genitalia. They wouldn’t be so supportive of transgender men making female athletes obsolete and rape victims afraid to go into public restrooms. No they could care less about women or babies or minorities […]


Should Christians Recognize “LGBT Pride?”

Great article by my friend Peter Spriggs from FRC. Wake up Christians – Pastor Greg Young By Peter Sprigg Article Source June is back, and with it “LGBT Pride Month.” Those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender celebrate in June because it marks the anniversary (this year, the 50th) of the “Stonewall Riots,” […]

Private border wall group ordered to keep gate open

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