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‘My Little Pony’ introduces ‘LGBTQ couple’ in children’s cartoon

By Dorothy Cummings McLean Article Source The “My Little Pony” franchise is selling more than plastic toys to little girls. A cartoon series based on the Hasbro company’s popular figurines aired an episode in which a same-sex female pony couple take charge of a school-aged pony named Scootaloo. Previously released in Europe, “The Last Crusade” […]

Should Christians Recognize “LGBT Pride?”

Great article by my friend Peter Spriggs from FRC. Wake up Christians – Pastor Greg Young By Peter Sprigg Article Source June is back, and with it “LGBT Pride Month.” Those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender celebrate in June because it marks the anniversary (this year, the 50th) of the “Stonewall Riots,” […]

Texas Democrat kills bill protecting religious businesses from discrimination

By Calvin Freiburger Article Source Legislation that would have barred government from retaliating against individuals or businesses on the basis of their religious beliefs died in the Texas legislature Thursday thanks to procedural maneuvering by a Democrat lawmaker. House Bill 3172 would bar the state from taking any “adverse action” pertaining to any “grant, contract, […]

Japan court upholds sterilization to register gender change

Dems unveil rules package to promote diversity, hit deficit


“The rules package would explicitly ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and would allow people to wear religious headgear in the House chamber. It would also create a House Financial Services subcommittee on diversity in the financial services industry.” Now which two groups do you suppose the Democrats are trying to protect […]

Christian Colleges Are Tangled In Their Own LGBT Policies

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