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This is the greatest threat to Christianity in our Nation’s history! @realDonaldTrump @PeterLaBarbera @SpriggFRC @IngrahamAngle

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Major media is silent while the greatest threat to Christianity in America just passed through the House of Representatives. HR5 The Equality Act which redefines the Public Accommodations clause to include requiring every public business in America to change its Employee Handbook or Create one that says they endorse homosexuality and any dissent will result […]

#KillingFreeSpeech #AmericaUnderSiege @realDonaldTrump @trish_regan @FOXbusiness @FOXNews @StopTechnocracy

by admin Is America headed for the same fate as Europe and Canada? Michael Hansen “The Dane” has traveled across Europe recording the results of open borders on free speech. Herds of ANTIFA thugs attacking anyone that did not agree with the leftist progressives. Muslim rape gangs attacking women in France and riots in the streets. […]

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